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Tahiti the Over Water Dream Honeymoon Destinations

Tahiti the Over Water Best Honeymoon Destinations
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Tahiti the Over Water Dream Honeymoon Destinations

Across the world, Tahiti is known for its positive image, and it brings out thoughts of evasion, exoticism and a great destination for honeymoon.  Nevertheless, marketing and commercialization of French Polynesia as a travel destination

Romance particularly Honeymoon is often the main motivation for couples to choose this destination. Did you know that French Polynesia is the only place in the world where you can swim with humpback whales and big, wild dolphins (in accordance with strict rules of conduct of course)? The pristine lagoons our archipelagoes also offer fabulous conditions for sailing, no matter what you might be seeking, particularly in the Leeward Islands.

As you travel the islands, honeymooners  experience the authentically Polynesian “art de Vivre.” Try to can take part in the Polynesian outrigger canoe race and feel the power of the paddlers as they cut through the soft swells, or dance to the enticing sounds of the pahu and two-ear drums, you can visit the local arts and crafts booths and share the smiles and laughter with your spouse.

4  Reasons  Tahiti is the Best Destination for Your Honeymoon

  1. A natural island – imposing yet accessible waterfalls, magnificent mountains mixing rock formations and vegetation, peerless views.
  2. Nature, the cradle of cultural heritage. -Tahiti offers places still that loaded with myth, religious sites alive with bewitching ancient tales, including some museums all around the island. 
  3. Land and aquatic treasures – the emotion and excitement of the lagoon, the preserved barrier reef, enchanting tropical gardens, breathtaking surf spots.
  4. Many activities, Horseback Riding or hiking, 4WD safaris to the heart of the island, canyoning among lava sculptures or snorkelling in the lagoon to discover the aquatic fauna, Tahiti opens itself to you.
 Intercontinental Tahiti Resort the Best Honeymoon Destination

InterContinental Tahiti Resort

The lush 12-hectare tropical garden, surrounded by clear, cerulean seas. With overwater bungalows, lagoon-view and garden-view rooms, our premium accommodation provides panoramic views over beautiful Tahiti, showcasing the sparkling ocean and the volcanic mountains of our sister island, Moorea.  Compare Price Now!

Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort the Best Honeymoon Destination

Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort

4 Star Resort in Tahiti with 91 Rooms & Suites facing the Ocean . Only 10min from town and 20min from the airport. For a true Polynesian experience.There is also a fitness centre with aerobics classes, an infinity pool and yoga classes.  Compare Price Now!

Punatea Village

Situated just drive at 64 kms from Papeete and 55 kms from the international airport to Punatea. You will discover Tahiti as you can imaging, life in a relaxed atmosphere, no traffic jam, no pollution and no stress, in a beautiful park. Compare Price Now!

Tahiti Mittai Over Water Dream Honeymoon Destinations

Hotel Maitai Polynesia

With its multitude of islands, French Polynesia offers an exceptional diversity of landscapes and natural resources. Compare Price Now!

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Getting Married And Honeymoon In The Island Of Tahiti

To say “yes” in paradise is a unique experience that will make the most beautiful time period of your life into an even more special memory.

To assist you to prepare for the big day and best moment, French Polynesia has made some new laws that make it easier for foreign nationals to get married in this dream location. To legally get married in French Polynesia you must respect a few simple rules of the French Civil Code:

  1. Both spouses must be at least 18 years of age, cannot currently be married and the couple must consist of the opposite sex and not be directed by the same family.
  2. The husband and wife must both be physically present for the marriage and exchange their vows in front of a witness aged 18 years or older.
  3. In the case where the couple doesn’t speak French well and there’s a concern that they won’t understand enough of the proceedings, a sworn in interpreter chosen by the husband and wife to be can translate all of the formalities and questions from French.
  4. It’s also advisable to not be a French National or reside in a French territory.

If all the rules are respected, the future husband and wife can choose which commune they wish to be married in and submit two sets of dates.

Note that in French Polynesia you can’t get married on a Sunday or a national holiday.

In order for the marriage to be legal the nuptial couple must each have the following legal documents:

  • A form of ID and their birth certificates dated no more than six months prior to the date of the wedding accompanied by an “Apostille” (or internationally accepted legal document) with a certified French translation of both documents.
  •  If the birth certificates do not specify, a certificate of custom, non-married status or capacity to be married must be supplied attesting that the spouses to be are not already married.
  • If necessary, death certificates or divorce documents translated into French must be presented as well as proof of residence and a certificate of a legal announcement with non-opposition (concerns only countries where announcement publications are required by law)
  • The future spouses or their wedding planner will also need to write a letter to the mayor of the commune they wish to be married in and fill out and send the “Foreign Weddings in French Polynesia” document.

All of these documents must be sent to the mayor’s office of your chosen commune at least 45 days before the wedding date and the mayor’s office will confirm the time and date of the ceremony. Once all the administrative details are taken care of, the mayor’s office will declare the wedding by putting an announcement on their bulletin board.

The day of the wedding the conjugal couple, witnesses, and guests must be at the mayor’s office at the scheduled time for the ceremony. According to public law, the doors must remain open during the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, the mayor will give the new married couple official documents that certify the union.

After this, it’s up to the husband and wife to bring the French documents to their own country of residence and legalize the wedding under those laws. To complete this special day you can chose to have an unforgettable traditional Polynesian ceremony. This unique cultural experience will turn your wedding into the romantic, sensual and magic day you’ve been hoping for.

You’ll find details of the steps necessary for foreigners to get married in French Polynesia at as well as a list of people and agencies that can help you with the event. These agencies can also help organize a civil ceremony and a traditional Polynesian ceremony.

Tahiti at A Glance

Must Visit: If you go to Tahiti don’t forget to visit The Pearl Museum, it is the only museum in the world devoted entirely to pearls.

Black Pearl Museum Tahiti Must visit during your Honeymoon

Tahiti and her Islands are located approximately 17100 km from Metropolitan France, 9800 km from the USA, 7800 km from Australia and 4100 km from New Zealand. These islands cover a huge ocean surface of some 4 million square kilometers, which is the same area as Europe.

The island of Tahiti in the Society Islands group is 17° 32 S and 149° 34 W, situated half way between California (6200 km) and Australia (5700 km). Tahiti is 8800 km from Tokyo and 7500 km from Santiago, Chile.

Tahiti’s 118 fabulous islands are scattered across five far-flung archipelagos, each with their own particular character and whose inhabitants have adapted the ancient rhythms of the ocean and the sun to the 21st century.

Tahiti is composed of two majestic volcanic mountain ranges topped by clouds. Their highest points being Mount Orohena (more than 2000 feet) on Tahiti Nui and Mount Mairenui (around 1300 feet) the smaller volcano, in the heart of Tahiti Iti, Tahiti’s peninsula. 



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